Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quick whine

I think maybe running in the rain is the worst thing ever.

Aside from a quick (minus a human traffic jam around Comerica Park - I knew the Tigers were on the verge of post-season bliss, but I didn't expect to run into throngs of people around the souvenir shop)  three miles around downtown last Wednesday, I haven't run at all since the Women's Half.


The Free Press half marathon is in TWO WEEKS.

Double yikes.

I tried to get back on the horse today and was motivated to lace 'em up and run.  So, of course, two blocks from home it starts raining.  And then about a mile later it starts pouring.

Triple yikes.

I ducked under an awning for a few minutes and waited for the rain to let up.  It didn't.  I turned around and ran towards home, running though huge fat raindrops.  I couldn't see where I was going and I had to tuck my chin into my chest.  I lost my motivation after two miles.  I was hoping to get in at least 45 minutes, no matter the distance.

I was completely miserable.  I was back in my living room in 22 minutes.  I quit.

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