Monday, September 16, 2013

A 5K with a 10 mile warmup

This coming Sunday is the Detroit Women's Half, and I will be running it.

I decided to sign up for this race shortly after I really got into running.  I had run a 5K and while I was pretty pumped to finish the race, we've already discussed my frugalness how cheap I am, and while the bright yellow Hanes cotton t-shirt was a neat?  It was decidedly...less than bitchin' swag.

Sure, there was fitness, camaraderie, some pancakes and all those high-fives at the finish line, but if I'm forking over my cash, I want more.  Medals.  Tech shirts.  Awesome stuff.

I needed to run longer races.  Longer races come with stuff.

Right after I found out about the Women's half I picked up an issue of Women's Running with a 14-week 1/2 Marathon plan.  I was almost exactly 14 weeks (13 weeks and 3 days) away from the race, and I've tried my damnedest to stick to that plan.  Sadly, one work trip and some crazy shin splints cut my long runs short twice, meaning that 10 miles is the longest I have ever run.  And this Sunday I need to run 13.1!

A friend told me to just pretend that I'm running a 5K, and since I know I can run 10 miles, pretend that the 10 miles is just a warmup for the last 3.1 miles.  Clearly, my friends are super nutty.

Since I'm only a week away and I know I can't run an 11 mile long run and still be ready for 13.1 miles this weekend, I did what I thought was the next best thing.  I've run twice this week on what will the race course.

 I went back to Belle Isle.  And played with the panorama on my iPhone, clearly.

The race course is a loop that is run 2.25 times.  I've run it 1.25 times once, and 1 time around yesterday.  If I keep the same pace, I should finish the half in 2:40 (it's my first - and we've established that I'm still slower than slow) but I hope that the atmosphere and adrenaline from the race will cut some time off of that. 

Honestly, even if I don't make it in 2:40 - I really just want to finish.  I'm so excited to run in this race, but I'm also terrified.

Terrified that I won't finish. That I'll be dead last.  That I won't have any fun.  I'm even terrified that the girls I'm running with will be mad they have to stay on the island until I finish.  I know that I'm only psyching myself out, but I can't help it.

I'm a really super excited kind of scared. 


  1. You have nothing to be worried about. It sounds like you for the most part, kept with your training plan.

    My first half's plan only went to 10 miles. I'm sure I missed a long run or two in the mix. 4 half marathons and 1 full later and I still continuously miss long runs.

    Take it easy, don't push it, have fun, enjoy your surroundings and celebrate your finish!

    1. I know this, but I'm a panicker - can't help it! I still am, overall, really pumped. I'm a ball of nerves but I think that will fade the closer I get to the race.