Thursday, September 5, 2013

Golab K

I ran another race on Monday, since Labor Day provided me with a much needed day off of work.

As has been the case with me lately, I followed my pattern of good run, bad run, good run, and so on...

I wasn't going to run Golab K because I'm broke and decided that if I was going to race, I'd make it worth my while.  I want at least two of my three critera to be met: 10K or longer distance, righteous shirt (preferably tech), medal.  This race was none of the three, but like the good Polish girl that I am, I caved and registered about 4 minutes before Active closed registration.

I should have saved the money.

The race itself was pretty nice.  Low cost, decent swag (a tote bag with a running cabbage on it isn't a tech shirt, but it still can't be beat) and in one of my most-loved cities on planted Earth, Hamtramck.

I stunk up the entire course.  Maybe the Crim with it's fancy swag and rowdy spectators spoiled me but nothing was really speaking to me on this particular day.  My legs were killing me only a quarter mile in, I walked at least half the race because I was so desperately thirsty that my throat was sore and I tripped in pothole because I wasn't paying attention.  Not everyday it our day, you know?  And Monday was without a doubt not mine.

Despite my outrageously poor showing, as long as Golab K is put on, I'm running it.  The course was fun, running though main streets, back alleys, a football field and even for a short time on the Labor Day Parade route!  We also pounded pavement past quite a few of my favorite bars and it took everything in me not to stop my sore legs, rip off my bib and pop in for a beer.  The race was really (really) small - there wasn't even a marked start line! - and it was the perfect amount of campy and small town, just like I'd expect in Hamtramck. 

I was pretty pissed after crossing the finish line and just turned around to watch a few more runners cross the line and then went back to my car.  I never stopped my GPS and I didn't stick around to see the race times posted, so I'm not sure of my actual time.  This is probably for the best.

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