Saturday, August 17, 2013

An experiement with two variables.

Or, too - as in, too many - variables.

Saturday is supposed to be my long run, but I decided to switch it up this weekend and push my long run until tomorrow.  There is a 10 on my calendar, but I'm aiming for 8. 

I've already said I'm behind, so let's not start judging, now.

I was supposed to work this morning and was going to get a ride in so that I could run home.  My office door to home door is just over 8 miles, so it seemed like fate.  Then my event got cancelled and my long run plan was up heaved.  I'm still pretty pumped to not have to work extra hours on a Saturday, so it's all good.

Now.  Let's set up my experiment.  I've already said that I run better near my office in downtown Detroit.  I've also noticed, after a careful review (read: glance at Nike+ Running) that I also run better in cooler weather.  Which!  It just so happens that it's always been a bit cooler when I've ran near work.  I can't figure out if it's the cooler temps or the kickass scenery that always help me to run better.

My hypothesis has always been that I run worse at home because I'm bored with my route and nothing interesting ever happens.  I also now suspect that the weather has a whole bunch to do with it.  This weekend I'm lucky (not really) enough to be able to run in wicked hot weather both days.  Saturday at home and Sunday in a gorgeous park downtown.

So far I squeezed in 3.5 miles today on the most boring side streets in the world near my abode with 80+ weather and I, not surprisingly...ran like garbage.  The worst.  It's a miracle that I managed even 3.5mi.

I'm trying to get myself in the mindset of 8 miles for tomorrow.  We'll see if I do any better in a park that is happy, scenic and lively - yet still blazing hot.

Oh, and even more important, the route that I'm running tomorrow is part of the route for the half marathon I'm training for so it will give me a change to check out the course and anticipate my pace and finish time. 

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